Los Angeles-Based Marcetable Enables U.S. Businesses To Enter China Digitally

Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti officially initiated the EXPORT program. Program’s goal is to help Small and Medium-Sized businesses (SMBs) enter oversea markets. Mayor stressed the importance of going global, especially for SMBs. At the conference, several SMB CEOs shared recent successes in oversea markets, from selling cosmetic products in China to glass material in Dubai. This conference was hosted at the USC’s Galen Center.

There is uncertainty in the current U.S.-China relations. However, business leaders in both countries recognize the need of growing economic partnerships: Jack Ma, Founder of China’s Alibaba met with U.S. President Trump in January 2017, discussing the opportunity of bringing U.S. Agriculture to China; U.S. Commercial Service is establishing an ecommerce lab in San Jose to help businesses enter China.

In 2016, Marcetable’s helped over 20 U.S. brands launch their products in China. Marcetable has proprietary marketing and ecommerce technology solutions. The marketing solution utilizes data about Chinese consumers to identify those that are relevant to the brand. The ecommerce platform provides a cost-effective and quick way for U.S. businesses to income transactions from overseas.

Marcetable is located in LA’s “Silicon Beach”. Doing so, it can be close to clients to understand more about brands that it’s serving, the history of companies, and messages that clients want to communicate to consumers in China. For example, to make sure that a footwear company understood the Chinese market, Marcetable staff had visited client’s warehouse 3 times a week for two weeks.

Marcetable’s goal is to make it as easy as possible for SMBs to enter China.  It provides turn-key solutions that overcome traditional barriers when a business enters a new country. This includes letting U.S. businesses quickly recognize revenues from China and promoting brands in a way that fits the Chinese culture.

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